My End of Year Toddler Bucket List

I can't believe we have less than 3 months left of 2016. This year has FLOWN and I'm looking forward to enjoying my favorite time of year now that RJ is (almost) two. The holiday season has ALWAYS been my favorite and now that he can (kinda) understand and be excited about what is going on, I'm even more excited to do all kinds of thing with him to get into the fall/holiday spirit. 

My End of Year Toddler Bucket List

Apple/Pumpkin Picking - We went to the pumpkin patch last year complete with petting zoo but RJ was only one and and he could care less about what we were doing. He's super active now and he loved our trip to the queens zoo so I know he'll love seeing the animals, jumping on the inflatables and taking the hayride. 

Trick or Treating - I can't even remember what we did for Halloween last year! I know we dressed the baby up (cutest lion EVER!) and I think we took him to see some family and that's all. I want to take him out this year even if it's just to the mall and I actually want to go to Boo at the Zoo, we'll see!

Thanksgiving Day Parade - I know this is highly unlikely LOL. My boyfriend hates crowds and it's actually pretty likely that I'll be working on Thanksgiving so I don't think we're going to make the parade, probably just watch it on TV. Of all 26+ years that I have lived in NYC, I've never been to the parade! Having a toddler is a great excuse to go though, no?

Visit the Tree at Rockefeller Center - RJ is almost two and he's never experienced actually walking around the city. We've driven there a few times to pick something up which entailed either me or my boyfriend running out of the car and back so that we could keep the energetic toddler contained, but he's yet to pound the Manhattan pavement. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and I want him to love it as much as I do, so I'm looking forward to seeing the tree this year. 

Ride the Polar Express - Because who doesn't LOVE that movie? The Polar Express train ride leaving from Upstate New York and stopping at the North Pole takes you on a train ride exactly like in the movie! If you love Christmas PJs, hot chocolate and Santa then you probably want to check this out! The rides start in November and I'm hoping we have time to go! 

There are a bunch of other things I want to do too! Take family Christmas pics, eat a ton of thanksgiving food, take the obligatory mall Santa photo, etc. Fall/the holidays are just my favorite time of year! I hope RJ (and any future kids I have) love this time of year the same way I do. 

What are some of your favorite things to do at the end of the year? What are you most looking forward to?