Mocha Mommies! - THE Ultimate List of Black Mommy Bloggers!

I started blogging back in .... 2013 I think under a different name. Back then I wasn't a mommy or even expecting but the main blogs that I read were mommy blogs because I have a weird thing about being interested in other peoples lives (anyone else addicted to Family Vlogs on YouTube?). I read a lot of lifestyle blogs but I kept finding myself being drawn to more family/parenting oriented blogs and that's still a lot of what I read today. 

When I became pregnant with RJ I searched for mommy blogs written by black women and they aren't always as easy to find as the "other" blogs are. This really has so much to do with the fact that we aren't supporting each other to our full capacity. Luckily, I became a part of an amazing community of women [BLM] where I connected with bloggers of ALL kinds but I still wanted to take the opportunity to put my mommy bloggers on the forefront. 

If you are looking for mommy blogs written by WOC then here is a list of amazing blogs you can choose from.

*updated February 2017*

Lifestyle/Family Blogs

-Frugal, Flirty N Fab

- My Mommyvents

-The Green Eyed Lady Blog

-Ok, Dani

-Unlikely Martha

-Pumps & Circumstance

-La La Land Mommy

-Mommy Week



-Aisha Adams

-Love, Peace and Tiny Feet

-The Chic Stay at Home Mom

-Black, Married and Happy

-Moms 'N Charge

-Rose from Rosedale

-The Bernetta Style


-Mommy Posh


-The Mixed Up Blog

-She Speaks

-Rattles & Heels

-Lovely You Blog

-Niecyisms and Nestlings

-Baby Making Machine

-FAB Haute Mama

-Miya Loves

-Mother of the World

-Harlem Lovebirds

-Blessed Be the Tie

-Normel Talks

-Diary of a Chic Mommy


-Simply T Nicole

-My Life with Him and Them

-Mommy Can Learn

-Her Life Inspired

-Lia World Traveler

-From Carpools to Cocktails

-Rich Single Momma

-Product Review Mom

-Miko Knows 

-Britney Dearest

-Cleverly Changing

-Fashion Plate KC


-Black Moms Blog

-Infectiously Happy

-Natural Brown Momma

-Moms with Tots

-A Life of Authenticity



-Naturally Stellar

-The Crunchy Mommy

-Ms Naturally Random


-Cries, High-Fives & Little White Lies

-The Mama Den

-Mommy Sees You


-Pharr Away

-Aprons and Stilletos

-Being Reese

-Its Me, Lady G

-Travel with the Russells


-Mommys Dressing Room

-A Real Urban Mom

-Houseful of Nicholes

-Brown Beauty Mom

-Headband for Today


-Green & Gorgeous

-Jheanell Adams

-Nakisha Wynn

-Rashida Speaks Life

-Mom of Girls

Fashion/Style/Beauty Blogs

-Frugal Flirty N Fab

-Alwayz Fashionably Late


-Hypnoz Glam 

Kay's Ways

-So She Writes by Miss Dre 

-2 look books 

-Thriftanista in the City 

-Elle B Styles

-Happily Ever Natural

Health/Wellness Blogs

-Ok, Dani

-One Well Bee

-Mommy R+R 

-Brooklyn Active Mama


"Unique" Blogs

-Walk One Day in Our Shoes - Walk One Day in this mom's shoes as she shows you how autism effects her nonverbal 10 year old daughter.

-Type 4 Naturals  - Kat is one of 3 contributors to Type 4 Naturals and writes about family on this "natural hair" blog.

-Socamom  - A Carribean parenting blog 

-The Mixed Up Blog - Raising multicultural children, culture and cultural issues.  

Kaywanda Lamb - Single parenting

-Baby Making Machine - Mommy Photography  

-Invisible Crowns - A blog about "mature moms", those who decided to have kids after the age of 35. 

-Belly Itch Blog - Parenting, Pregnacy and Celebrity Pregnancy  

-Here Wee Read - A blog about children's and adult books. 


And there it is! Explore! Find some new blogs to read! And don't forget to tell them Life with Tanay sent you! 

Do you have a favorite mommy blog that wasn't included on this list? Are you a mommy blogger that would like to be added to the list? Leave a comment below or feel free to contact me.

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