About Me

I'm Tanay, the creator and content editor of LifewithTanay.com. I'm a 26 year old mommy to one adorable little boy RJ who you'll see frequently on this space because well..... I probably wouldn't be blogging (still) if it wasn't for him!

I'm currently living and loving in NYC with my little family. I began blogging as a hobby to keep me occupied before I became pregnant and now I continue to blog in hopes that my journey through motherhood will encourage, inspire and empower other young moms/women on their journey as well!




About Life with Tanay


Rebranded in late 2015, Life with Tanay is a NYC based lifestyle blog with a little bit of everything. Though it started as just a hobby, Life with Tanay has become a space for resources, inspiration, lifestyle and travel experiences and motivation for mostly women (though men are welcome also) in their 20s. The main goal of Life with Tanay is to reassure you that you are not on your journey alone, while providing enjoyable, relatable content for all readers!


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